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If you are ordering Allflex Scrapie tags for the first time, 840 Tag Lightweight
or would like to order Scrapie RFID tags,
please contact customer service at 1-833-727-2743.
Our current production time is 2 weeks.

Sheep Mini


Couple 74 W:1 1/2 inch x L:1 1/4 inch

The Sheep Mini is the standard plastic scrapie tags you're familiar with, now available in new colors!

$15.60 /20ct bag

Sheep Mini PLUS


Couple 76 W:1 3/4 inch x L:1 1/2 inch

The Sheep Mini PLUS is a larger tag similar to the standard, that allows for a custom line of text and is also offered in a variety of colors.

Available Colors:

* The color blue is only available for meat/slaughter.
* For state/regulatory pricing please contact

For more information regarding the Scrapie Eradication program please visit

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